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Tube benders refer to many types of electromechanical tube bending equipment. Modern tube benders help optimize manufacturing processes by minimizing production errors. A tube bending machine can handle challenging materials that are up to 1.5 times the outer diameter, have thin walls, have tight radii, or both. The tube’s cross-section is mainly preserved during the bending operation because of the bending mandrel and the counter bearing. Read More…

Tube Bending Equipment Tube bending equipment is used to bend tubes and pipes using computer-controlled machines.
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We promise that all of our solutions are safe, accurate, flexible, timely and cost effective. Over the years we have reduced our manufacturing time which has resulted in savings for our customers.

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For over 50 years, Haven Manufacturing Corporation has built a solid reputation as the productivity leader in the tube recutting industry. As our business continues to grow, we have kept the focus on providing new cost-effective machinery and total solutions that increase output without adding additional labor resources. You can trust Haven to provide fully integrated solutions to meet all of your needs for tube loading, precision cutting, deburring, end finishing, washing stacking needs.

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For over 85 years, Vogel Tool & Die, LLC has been a leader in the tube forming machinery industry. We pride ourselves on all of our tools being made in the USA. Vogel Tool & Die, LLC strives to manufacture high-quality products at competitive prices.

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All of our premier tube forming machinery comes at an affordable rate. These unprecedented items are satisfactory and designed with you in mind. These world class items are beyond compare and we have the expertise necessary to handle all of your requests. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your forming, bending and assembling needs. If you would like to learn more about our deluxe products then please visit our website.

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Types of Tube Bending Equipment

Roll Bending Machine

The 3-roll bender is another name for a pipe-bending device. They are used to produce huge radius bends, like sheet metal roll benders. The positions of the two lower rollers are set, but the height of the upper roller is movable. The tube gradually bends as it moves back and forth between the rollers until the desired outcome is achieved. Tube roll bending obtains excellent results, which results in negligible cross-sectional distortion.

roll bending machine

CNC Bending

Most bending today requires human supervision but no manual operation. CNC bending machines help automate actions. Presses and rollers are used with CNC tube bending machines to move the tubes and pipes through the operation. CNC bending is an automated process that increases productivity and efficiency.

cnc bending machine

RAM Bending

A RAM bender is also referred to as a press bender, likely the most basic pipe bender available. The stationary dies are first set up on the work surface. The bending angle and bend length are controlled by the space between the dies. The ram's radius affects the bending radius. The ram pushes up against the pipe once everything is in position. The ram successfully forms metal since the dies support the tube's outer wall. Ram bending is only appropriate if cross-sectional distortion is not a problem. A pipe's end has an oval cross-section since there is no internal support for it. RAM bending is useful for straightforward bends where precision and a constant cross section are not priorities.

ram tube bender

Manual Tube Benders

Users most frequently utilize manual tube benders, also known as hand tube benders, to complete large operations quickly and cheaply. These devices can bend tubes for roll cages, frames, furniture, and more. Manual benders are capable of 180-degree bends, and may be converted to hydraulic benders.

manual tube bender

Rotary Bending Machine

A Rotary bending machine is the most common kind of tube bender. The operator uses a clamp die to secure the tube or pipe on the machine. The bend die starts to revolve around its axis. The stationary pressure die ensures that the tube follows the bend die's radius. Manufacturers can add a mandrel and a wiper die for better results. However, this is only necessary for more challenging jobs where deformations are prohibited. A tube with a large diameter and a thin wall thickness, for instance, requires additional support. Rotary benders are accurate and programmable, allowing manufacturers to accomplish entire batches of complex parts.

rotary bending machine

Induction Bending Machines

Induction bending involves drawing a profile via a die. An induction coil is located at the bend to warm the metal. Applying pressure to a heated object means the machine can save energy while bending. Induction bending equipment can bend a wide range of pipe sizes can be bent at a variety of angles. These machines help fashion industrial structural components, bends with small radii, components for heating systems, thick-walled components, etc.

induction bending machine

Vector Tube Bending

Vector tube benders accomplish outstanding results. It is extremely accurate because a pipe forms around a rotational draw. The automatic feeding system allows vector tube benders to shape strong materials efficiently. It is often used for automobile and aerospace industries.

vector tube bending machine

Orbital Head Bending Machine

Orbital head-bending machines spin heads and collets around the tubes and are automated or computer-controlled. As a result, they are incredibly productive machines. There are options for automated feeding and offloading. Orbital head bending machines make intricate parts for automobile and air conditioning industries.

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