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Tube swaging machines are used to permanently join pipes together by putting the pipes under high pressure or by pressing them into a die. Unlike traditional metalworking, which relies upon heat, tube swaging machines use cold metalworking processes to form metal. Since swaging is a forming and not a machining process, it results in no wasted metal scrap in the shaping of pipes. Read Moreā€¦

Tube Swaging Machines Tube swaging machines are used to permanently join pipes together by putting the pipes under high pressure or by pressing them into a die.

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Our company can manufacture tube forming machinery that is ideal for you! Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you select our functional items. These premier tube forming machines adhere to extensive testing to ensure that they are fully capable of handling your tasks. We take sustainability very seriously which is why we work hard to develop energy efficient processes. Call us today for more information!

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We promise that all of our solutions are safe, accurate, flexible, timely and cost effective. Over the years we have reduced our manufacturing time which has resulted in savings for our customers. We are continuously researching the latest innovations in our industry. These uncompromising items are engineered with your applications in mind. Our unprecedented tube forming machinery is very affordable and long-lasting.

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As a manufacturer and distributor of pipe bending machines since 1922, we produce pipe benders that can bend angle iron, conduit, flat stock, pipe, round, square and tube. Our large capacity UniversalĀ® benders are consistently chosen for their rugged construction, versatility and ease of set up.

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CMP Automation provides quality turnkey tooling solutions in small diameter tube bending & related factory automation. As a leading OEM in the automotive tubing industry, our specialty is in process machinery & systems. This includes dedicated tube bending machines, tube end forming machines, robotic integration, loading & unloading systems for CNC benders & tube bender control systems.

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Globally renowned innovator of many firsts for custom pipe & tube bending machinery & bending techniques. Products include Hydraulic Rotary Benders, End Finishing Equipment, Vertical Compression Benders, CNC Benders, & Extrusion Benders & Controls for complete pipe or tube bending systems. Worldwide reputation in tube bending machinery. Pines Technology guarantees excellent equipment performance.

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During tube swaging, the tubes are fitted together by increasing or reducing the size of the tube's diameter at the end of the pipe. This shaping is achieved through a repeated hammering motion. The ends of tubes can also be flattened, slotted, notched, flared, flanged, or punched. Using the swaging process, tubes and pipes can be joined together quite easily.

In order to fit the tubes together one tube is forced into a die which compresses the end of the tube. Now that this tube has a smaller diameter it can fit into the end of another tube. The two tubes are connected, and a compressive force is applied to the joint to permanently seal them together. This process can be used to create a cohesive system of tubes and pipes or to attach a variety of different pipe fittings.

Rotary swagers, long die swagers, and pipe flaring machines are some of the different designs of tube swaging machines. Swaging machines are used on tubes made from a variety of metal materials, including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and stainless steel. The tubes made by swaging machines are used in the aerospace, automotive, construction, marine, medical, and military industries.

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