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Tube fabricators are responsible for creating various metal tubes and rounded metal pieces for use in nearly every industry where metal tubes are used, from vehicle engines to plumbing lines. Tube fabricators typically do more than simply make tubes, however. They also have a variety of other processes that they accomplish each day to maximize customer satisfaction and provide the most services for higher profits. Some of the processes that a typical tube fabricator will offer include:

Tube cutting: This is the process where the fabricating company cuts the tubes according to customer specifications. Sometimes metal cutters are used, while other factories employ different cutting methods, like laser cutting.

Tube bending: Tube fabrication centers can bend the tubes into designs specified by the customer. Often, tube bending equipment, like rolling presses or hydraulic presses are used to shape the metal. One common use for bending tubes is in the creation of vehicle mufflers and car frames.

Tube manufacturing: This is where the tubes are actually formed into tubes from flat sheets. Many manufacturers can create a huge variety of tubes, in differing sizes, shapes, and wall thicknesses. Welding is commonly used to hold the edges of tubes together, but some companies may use roll forming or other manufacturing methods instead.

Tube finishing: Tube finishing can make the tubes compatible for a variety of uses, typically for processes such as adding threads to the ends of pipes or shaping the ends so they fit into a particular slot or place in a machine.

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